The Potential of Voice AI 

A collection of presentations, podcasts, etc. outlining the exponentially growing opportunities with Voice AI.

Live Podcast: Voice of IoT

Check out an insightful conversation with Biren Gandhi, as part of the premiere episode of The Silicon Valley Tech Podcast series.

"If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together." That's the power of the Platform Approach of tackling challenging technical problems. 

Voice is the New Touch

Leading Entrepreneurs of the World and 1 Business World hosted a session with Biren Gandhi on the transformational power of Voice in becoming the de facto human to machine interface of the future, replacing or extending the touch-based systems of the past decades. 

Modern Trends in IoT Smart Lighting Platforms

The talk Modern Trends in IoT Smart Lighting Platforms was delivered at the Thailand LED EXPO 2021 + SMARTECH ASEAN by Biren Gandhi.

From Phil Simon's book, The Age of The Platform, Biren touched upon many critical elements - economies of scale, collective security, community connection, etc. - to succeed in today's dynamic yet fragmented world of AI-powered technologies. 

Podcast: Implementing Voice Control in IoT

Leading IoT platform IoT for All had invited Biren Gandhi to discuss the implementation of voice control in the IoT domain.

Traditionally IoT caters to four foundational pillars - People, Process, Data, and Things. Biren explains how the Speak to IoT Voice AI platform caters to Smart Appliances, Enterprise Systems, and Industrial IoT verticals. 

Opening Keynote: The Future is Now

The opening keynote speech at amoConf by Biren Gandhi on a series of disruptive innovation technologies and the future of humanity together.

Most of the things we image as "the future" already exist today! We just need to open our eyes, embrace it, and participate in shaping it further as we move along. From modular autonomous robots to designer babies - it is all happening NOW. Voice AI is a very core part of that future that is accelerating and affecting normal people's lives the most.