It Takes a Village

Creating anything meaningful is hard work.

Building something that solves problems is harder.

Transforming people's lives with cutting-edge technology is priceless!

Our Vision

Speak to IoT has a vision of Connecting Everything through Voice. What was possible to do with touch-based systems - physical buttons, soft panels, mobile app screens, smart displays, etc. over the last few decades is now becoming possible with Voice AI.

Voice AI allows users not to worry about how to interact with an underlying system. They can simply focus on what to do. Visual interfaces of the previous decades force humans to use multiple senses to perform tasks, while voice is linguistically a far more superior medium requiring much less cognitive overhead. 

Voice is the New Touch!

Our Story

Speak to IoT was founded on the extensive IoT and Voice AI domain expertise of its founding team with innovation in the DNA. 

The Team

Founders came together while solving some tough innovation challenges in the context of creating voice-powered drones and robots to solve real-world problems. 

The Technology

Realizing the power of Voice AI and the struggle to build highly scalable, reliable, secure, universal, and intuitive systems produced the patented all-in-one technology of Speak to IoT.

The Transformation

Visual-to-voice transformation, despite meeting with an adoption resistance initially, is accelerating now. Post-COVID requirement of handsfree & contactless interactions is acting as one of the catalysts.