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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the full extent of the Voice AI ecosystem is not easy. We recognize the challenge. Some of the following questions should help address those concerns. If not, please feel free to drop us a line.  

Isn't the Voice AI problem already solved by Alexa, Google, Samsung, etc.?

Not really. What these popular voice assistants provide is the consumer front end mobile applications or smart speakers.

If someone has to leverage the voice interaction capabilities by Alexa (or Google, Samsung, etc.) for their smart IoT devices, enterprise applications, or industrial IoT requirements, they have to do all the heavy lifting themselves or partner with someone like Speak to IoT.

Contact us if you have a Voice AI idea to explore.  

What all components does Speak to IoT platform provide?

Please refer to the features page where the Speak to IoT platform components are categorized into User Experience, Cloud Infrastructure, and IoT Device domains. 

Do you offer private voice assistants?


Although the public voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, etc. are quicker to deliver decent quality results, there are situations where you would like to have your own private voice assistant. We can work with you to identify your needs and suggest a path for your voice AI journey. Let us know .

How do you charge for your services?

Speak to IoT is primarily a B2B/Enterprise platform and we have flexible pricing models to charge for our platform license fees in line with your pricing model with your customers.

If your customers or products are in a subscription or SaaS domain, we can share part of your monthly subscription revenue as our license fee.

And, if your customers or products are in a non-subscription domain, we can take our license fee as a one-time charge that you can include in the bottom line of your offer.

Let us know if you would like to learn more.   

What's the main advantage of Speak to IoT?

Unlike other players, Speak to IoT is a holistic, patented, platform to provide voice AI to many different backends and many different voice frontends.

As an example, think of a retailer selling smart IoT equipment, and some kind of refill subscriptions. If that system was implemented by the Speak to IoT platform, customers can: call-in via Alexa (and other assistants) for their support needs, they can share the real-time diagnostic data from their IoT device directly to that support call, can order parts or refills, can check the status of their subscription, add/update new features, and a lot more - everything without the involvement of a single human-being, and completely powered by Voice AI automation.  

What would be the end product I will get?

Deliverables would vary based on the component selection and deployment architecture of your voice-enabled product or service. But here is a list of items you can get from Speak to IoT in case of a custom voice skill to access your enterprise APIs and smart IoT devices: 

  • Certified Voice Skill with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby that your customers can access
  • Fully-managed Voice and Cloud Infrastructure to Support the public Skills
  • Fully-managed API hooks and adapters to your Enterprise APIs - optionally via our enterprise Wi-Fi partners (Cisco, Juniper Mist, Meraki, etc.)
  • Fully-managed device cloud to securely interact with your IoT devices
  • IoT device communication firmware with a network of experienced domain expert
  • AI-powered cloud intelligence 

What's the typical timeline of a Voice AI project?

It depends. Our platform-approach can get your smart home or customer voice skills up and running in less than a week's time, while other players take from 6-12 months to obtain the same results.

Just like mobile apps for iOS and Android, production voice skills for public assistants need approvals from repsective players - Amazon, Google, and Samsung. Given their timelines, you can be fully up and running in less than a month.

However, it all depends on the complexity of the voice interactions as well. Let us know if you have a project in mind and we can provide better estimates. 

How to get started?

Please check out the Applications and Try It pages to explore the use cases for your Voice AI needs. If you believe in the voice-powered future, please drop us a line to get started. 


SMART INDIA is a product subsidiary of Speak to IoT that provides end-to-end Smart Wi-Fi appliances and controls. Powered by our versatile Voice AI platform, SMART INDIA gadgets work with all popular voice assistants as well as iOS and Android mobile apps.