Speak to IoT

A Simple, Secure Platform to Connect Smart IoT Devices to All Intelligent Voice Assistants.


We provide voice command and control to smart IoT devices like lights, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. with just a few clicks.
Your customers can use voice assistant of their choice to interact with these smart devices for complete command and control using our patent-pending technology.

Voice Enablement

With a few simple clicks, you can securely voice enable your internet connected smart device - for all the supported voice service providers at the same time.

Secure Cloud Operations

We host and manage your cloud for seamless operation with voice service providers. You can peacefully forget about the security, availability, uptime, and all other associated pains.

Business Consultancy

Need further assitance in establishing or growing your voice IoT business? Our subject matter experts can directly work with your strategic, technical or business roadmap.


Discover how Speak to IoT could be the perfect solution for your voice IoT business.
Here are just a few reasons.


No need to worry about intimidating SDK or API complexities offered by the voice service providers today. Embrace our intuitive and simple integration technology to voice enable and connect your IoT devices.


Security is not an afterthought for Speak to IoT, it is supported out of the box. Your smart devices´┐Ż communication channels are inherently secured and always protected by trusted cryptography protocols, thereby reducing your business risks.


No need to do specialized one-off integrations with different voice service providers. Enable your smart devices to work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant and others with a single unified implementation.


Concerned about API or protocol changes from voice service providers after your devices are shipped to customers? You should be, but not with Speak to IoT.

Time to Market

In a world of limited resources and fierce competition, you are better off focusing on your core competencies of making devices smarter instead of worrying about cloud and voice technologies. We take care of these pain points for you.

Minimal Risk

With flexible pay-as-you-go pricing models, Speak to IoT provides you with unparalleled flexibility in productizing and expanding your voice IoT projects.

Intro Video

Check out how Speak to IoT can solve most of your development, cloud, integration, security, and operational pain points while trying to connect your smart IoT devices to the voice ecosystem. Learn how you can attract new customers and launch new product lines with accelerated time to market. Our unique, patent-pending technology allows you to win your customers with just a few clicks.

Why Speak to IoT?

A quick overview of how Speak to IoT provides a one-stop-shop solution for enabling voice for your smart IoT devices and backend services.


Speak to IoT is a group of passionate team players!
Our success lies in making YOU successful.

Biren Gandhi

Founder & CEO

Karan Sheth

CTO & Co-Founder

Ketan Rana

Graphic Design

Amit Pandya


Punil Shah


Mukund Chikkeralli


Ruthwik K


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