The Platform Advantage

  • Single painless integration for all voice assistants.
  • Seamless Security, Authentication, Cloud Connectivity, Future-proofing, and more. 
  • A Patented Platform for:
    Consumer Devices,
    Enterprise APIs, and
    Industrial IoT. 
Speak to IoT Patent

Speak to IoT's patented platform provides voice command and control to Wi-Fi-enabled smart IoT devices, Enterprise workflows, Industrial control systems, or any other API-capable system.

Your customers, employees, or visitors can use any voice assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, etc.) to interact with these backends.

Essentially, making
Voice as the New Touch!

Single Voice Integration

No more one-off integrations with different voice service providers. Enable Voice AI for your services with all popular voice assistants with a single unified implementation.

Faster Go-to-market

Takes 80% less time to enable universal Voice AI for your services. The platform takes away the pain, so you can focus on your core competencies.

Flexible Pricing Models

Our pricing policy shadow yours - whether it is a recurring subscription or a one-time purchase model with your customers. Basically, we win only if you win!

Platform Components

User Experience
Cloud Infrastructure
IoT Device

Adaptable Architecture

Speak to IoT's flexible platform offers various deployment choices based on components you have and components you need. Get an end-to-end Voice AI system that works with smart speakers or voice assistant mobile apps.

Choose Your Components

A. Voice AI NLP
from Speak to IoT 

(you bring everything else)

B. Voice Infrastructure
from Speak to IoT 

(with your IoT infrastructure)

C. Enterprise Voice AI
from Speak to IoT 

(with any API backend)

D. Voice and IoT Cloud
from Speak to IoT 

(with your firmware and devices)

E. Voice AI Software
from Speak to IoT 

(for your legacy hardware)

F. Qualified Voice IoT Hardware
from Speak to IoT 

(sell with your branding)